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2016-12-28 07:20:54 by Dhalhia


Just in case

2016-10-09 16:43:00 by Dhalhia


Furry Stuff

2016-10-09 12:04:14 by Dhalhia

One of the things I appreciate is furry. No, I do not have sex with animals, I just appreciate the furry content. Dragons, wolves, bears, foxes, I find very interesting the way they metamorfam animals in humans. Both having a manga that talks about the changing of people who saw animals. The story itself is very good! Too bad I can not remember the name = (

But i still like the furry stuff x)

A little of me...

2016-10-02 21:38:13 by Dhalhia

Several times I've tried to kill myself. As a child, I suffered a heavy bullying of my "colleagues" class. They beat me, mistreat, and cursed me as a pig, just because I was a little fat. Poison, razor, medicine. I tried everything to kill myself. I just wanted to end it. My mother contacted the school principal and her, very responsible, called the parents of the students and talked to them. The bullying stopped. After that came the seven years most terrible of my life. And I tried to kill myself again. Now 22, I developed a trauma that affects me too (along with depression).

I can not have sex with anyone.

I seek in my drawings, a piece of me yet. Or what's left of me.

You know...

2016-09-24 21:11:36 by Dhalhia

You know when you look at more than five times to the clock and think, that if you had not been stupid not fucked everything, now would be the happiest time of your life? You know when you think of a person all day and just want to just talk to him for the rest of your life? You know when you want to die and think that even dead, will continue to hurt the person? I do not want to hurt him anymore... I just wanted to say how much my burning chest on fire when I talk to you, how my blood pulse accelerates, how my lips curve into a smile to see your message and as my eyes shine like galaxies when I hear your voice?

I love you with all my strength. I love you with all my soul.

Please, forgive me.