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What does cosplayer sensuality mean to you?

Posted by Dhalhia - June 21st, 2018

What at ass ... I say! *gasp* Pose for the photo!


After my last post I've been thinking, what does porn mean to you?

How far would you get for porn?

There are many actresses in this pornographic medium, and many men would give an arm to touch only one of their breasts or a kidney to have a hug.

Falling into this, you've been to cosplayers' events, haven't you?

What do you think when you see that sexiest cosplay that shows a little more than it should?
Or when one of them is wearing a dental leg panties (which the character does not wear) showing the buttocks of the butt?

What do you think when you sensitize the character doing a cosplay totally, or almost without clothes?

Is it worth your while photographing her nipple that is popping out of the blouse and being kicked out of the event?

Is it their fault for using (or not) almost anything or are you a pervert and would do anything for a picture and then you masturbate before bed?

What do you think about it?


Comments (3)

what i think about cosplay that is a little bit more daring is i don't really care. to be honest if someone likes to be sexy it is there choice to do that. i also know that alot of cosplayers don't do it to get attention and be seen as a sex thing. i find it desturbing as well that someone that enjoys doing cosplay like that gets bad attention and some guy's and girls think they are some sex toy. if cosplayers enjoy doing that for there amusment than i am totally fine with it. if it doesn't hurt someone and they are just enjoying cosplay than i am happy for them. it doesn't mean i am comfortable doing it myself so i kinda admire some cosplayers for doing it as well. i don't like my body at all and i enjoy cosplaying male characters while i have the female features some people don't see that as okay as well but i enjoy doing it alot. i think it is more inportant to treat them with respect and be happy for them that they can enjoy there cosplay as well be happy with how they look. (but being kicked out for showing a nipple is sad because it is just a body part. and photographing it is just plain rude i think. if you want a photo with them ask. most of them are really friendly and love what they do) i am totally okay with people doing sexy cosplays as long as they enjoy wearing it.

I may not have been go any cosplay places, I do like a little sexiness. If it looks amazing, by all means. I always say I like when girls show off a little leg. I may be a little pervy, but I wouldn't go too far.

Fuck that look at her pic that's the sexiest ass I've ever seen