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Entry #6

Something that really happened to me yesterday

2017-07-10 11:09:12 by Dhalhia

You had a chance to come back. You could have dropped everything and come running down that line. He was there, waiting for you. Did you know. You should have run and come back. What stopped you? You do not even know it.

Now she is there, lying in a bed she no longer abets, with severe headaches, nausea, craving, and moreover, those tears that constantly keep falling from her brown eyes that stain the pillow. You had nightmares when you dreamed, you dreamed that you were still beside him in that bed. It was just a dream. Now how's it going to be?

Her chest burns in flames and every beat of the shattered heart is painful. You don't talk, you don't eat, you feel empty. The house that once was familiar and cozy becomes a hell. You want to get out, you want to get back to happiness, because there, it's the place you want to be. Listening to him crying on the phone was the last blow that was missing in his heart.

Now, he's totally aimless in pursuit of him. You want the days to pass quickly to be in the warmth of his arms again.

Now the only thing you want is to be with him.

The only thing I want is to be able to go back. Back to where you smile without even having the notion of why.


I want to go back to him.


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